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Service Equipment Replacement and Repair

All equipment includes a lifetime manufacturer warranty

Installations include: Service capacity upgrades, main breaker enclosures, sub panels, panel tune ups and labeling

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All Troubleshooting

Accurate, Timely, and Guaranteed Solutions

Most corrections can be determined quickly and options can possibly be given with no diagnostic fees

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Any Lighting Project

Chandelier, ceiling fans, recessed, pendant, LED,  fluorescent, dimmers and pool lighting

With your individual needs in mind, the proper brightness, color, and ambiance for any scenario with energy saving LED solutions

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Home Automation

Convenience and safety, Smart Device Operation

Entire home automation allows wireless lighting and power controls. Make your home appear occupied even on vacation

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Device Replacement

Switches, Receptacles, Fan Speed Controls, and Dimmers

Upgrade your home with tamper resistant outlets, Correct defective (back stabbed) wiring methods, or perform circuit restorations

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Interior and Exterior Wiring

Safer Electrical Systems and Additions

Replacement of obsolete knob and tube, or aluminum conductors. Any electrical renovations

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Energy Saving Solutions

Cut your KW/Hour

Digital and Mechanical timers, and monitoring options

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Pool Equipment

Pool Equipment Service and repair

Pool pumps, heaters, chillers, lighting and control Systems

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Network, CATV, and Phone Wiring

Hardwire network connections allow for faster and more reliable signal transfer

RG-6, CAT-5@CAT6, phone wiring, media panels, meeting your specific needs for your electronics

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Surveillance Equipment, Speaker Wiring, and Install

Audio and video wiring for surveillance or home entertainment 

Surround sound systems with speaker install or cctv for your peace of mind

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Home Entertainment Systems

Set your mind at ease to know a professional can offer the most preferred solution for every set up 

Don't settle with surface mounted wire mold to hide H.D.M.I. cable, or power wiring for your wall mounted T.V. Run wiring where it can't be seen. All circumstances are unique, and options like recessed or surge protected receptacles are available.

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Constant home powering through outages

Portable or pad mounted, don't be left in the dark. New installs or preventative maintenance, with essential load design for your standby systems.

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Automatic Tranfer Switches, Interlock Kits

Safe and easy transitions

Simple and reliable power transitions from the utility and your standby system during the event of a power outage.

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Code Upgrades

Safety and compliance

Stay on top of the National Electric codes for reassurance and resale. Don't be caught off guard with modern requirements. We put it in a language that you can understand.

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Tankless Water Heaters

Unlimited hot water on demand

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Replace that outdated tank collecting sediments. Little or no maintenance, constant hot water. Large and small household solutions

Electrical Safety Inspections

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Full Home Surge Protection

Protect your sensitive electronics

Power fluctuations from the glitchy utility company or from lightning events, ALL electronics in your home are vulnerable to surges. Not only T.V.s and computers but air handler, A,C.,and heating systems. Anything with a circuit board that you might not be able to plug into a surge strip. Most, properly installed surge protection, includes a manufacturer connected warranty for ANY effected equipment.

Have knowledge of your electrical system

Overcurrent protection, A.F.C.I., G.F.C.I., smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, and wiring imperfections. Leave it to the professionals to do ANY electrical inspection.

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